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Each individual item within the Dailymotion Facts API has a singular identifier (in just its course of item). It is possible to entry fields of every item by requesting //, exactly where may be video, person, playlist, and so forth. Here are several samples of object URLs:

If you incorporate a featured video, the video is a lot more well known. It’s placed previously mentioned your About part and is particularly greater on the Videos tab.

arrayFormat from the predicted valuemin size: 1Corresponding values need to respect this formatmax duration: 150Corresponding values really have to regard this structure

You can also disconnect all subsequent simultaneously by issuing a Write-up ask for to /me/subsequent by having an empty ids question-string parameter.

You'll be able to retrieve the listing of favorites connected to a person item by issuing a GET ask for to /consumer//favorites.

stringFormat of your predicted valuemin size: 1Corresponding values really need to regard this formatmax length: 150Corresponding values really have to regard this structure

Use this space to promote your newest video or an approaching go now function like we do to the Social networking Examiner site.

To incorporate new scopes to an already current session, you first have to connect with the /logout endpoint and begin a new session along with your new list of scopes.

While some essential characteristics can be obtained devoid of authentication, you have got to sign up your self for a developer as a way use this link to execute much more elaborate API calls, authenticate useful content consumers and act on their behalf.

To edit an object of type playlist, execute a Article ask for on /playlist/. Be a part of all the fields you wish to update as well as their new value being an software/x-www-kind-urlencoded payload.

publicPublicly documented and available for allreadableCan be accessed with out authenticationwritableCan be written if authenticated and proprietor find out with the objectdefaultThis industry is returned by default when not requesting certain fields

privateRequires authentication to be accessedread scope: read_insightsCan be browse when authenticated with the specified link scopemin price: 0Corresponding values have to respect this format

asks the consumer for his/her credentials (login and password) and go them straight to the authorization server

Note: Among the list of issues with OAuth two is that the specification would not offer any system to enhance the scope of an current session on refresh.

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